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Never Before Seen Scenes from Star Wars!

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Some of the never before seen scenes also include Qui-Notgone, Qui-Gon’s never before seen twin brother! Kind of like Albus Dumbledore’s brother was around after Dumbledore was no more. First up, Emperor Palpatine’s Trophy Wife:    ...

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The Beginning of the Action Figure Action Pages

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What can I say? I love Star Wars. My mom always said I’d have to hide all my Star Wars stuff when boys came over, or I’d never find anyone to marry me. They think I am the only female who ever liked sci fi. Also they think there are no males who would want a woman who loves sci fi, except, apparently, my saintly husband, who somehow finds my strange condition to be endearing. My parents still think I am enormously lucky to have found a man who can put up with me and my “totally weird” love of science fiction. Truth be told, even my husband considers The Action Figure Action Pages to be a little warped. I wouldn’t have time to do anything like this now, and I took all the photographs with regular film and a very nice camera with a special macro lens that cost a lot of money and is now totally worthless because everything is digital. They’re ancient. Like, 1999...

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