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Switching to cloth diapers to potty train, part 2

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Here is the problem with switching to cloth diapers to potty train: Upon switching to cloth diapers, my toddler immediately realized that being wet does not feel nice. It is very apparent that she feels a big difference when she pees in a cloth diaper vs. when she pees in a disposable diaper. The cloth diapers have microfleece and microsuede “stay dry” liners, but obviously she feels wetter than in a disposable. This is the good part. This is the big reason for switching to cloth at this point – to get her motivated to not pee on herself. She immediately wants a new diaper after peeing in one. That part has gone ok, she has gone from wetting 17+ cloth diapers a day to now actually hold the pee and not wetting nearly so often. Usually, she’ll hold it for a couple of hours, and then we go through this thing where she needs a new diaper every 20 minutes for like an hour+.  Ok, that’s pretty good progress. The problem comes when someone sticks a disposable on her (so far we are still using disposables at night). When she pees in the disposable, she immediately wants to be changed now, and that means anywhere from 25-50 cents just went in the trash. And then ten minutes later she’ll pee on another one. And another one. One day, I hadn’t gotten all the diapers washed and dried (since she is wetting pretty much all the diapers every day), and she had to go back to disposables for a day, and that was an expensive day at first…then after a few hours she must have realized that she wasn’t feeling “wet” because she stopped asking for changes. When we went back to cloth the next day she went right back to wanting to be changed immediately after wetting. I ordered some bamboo Kawaii diapers so that we’ll have enough to keep some at my mom’s house, some in the car, etc. I got the bamboo ones just because they’re different, and because I like having diapers that snap sometimes. I had ordered a couple of Alva baby diapers to compare to see if maybe I would order a bunch more, but I don’t really like the as much as the Kawaii diapers, so I went for more Kawaiis. I have kept disposables around for nighttime because I don’t think any cloth diaper is going to hold up to a two year old all night. I would like to get completely away from disposables because I’ve noticed that Jefe will happily just keep putting on disposables as long as they are there…even though I was saving the disposables for nighttime and had not planned on buying any more except for if we travel. At this rate I’ll have to buy some more, but I usually would buy the giant $50 box of diapers from Amazon because the price per diaper is low. Now if I buy the giant box we won’t use them before she outgrows them. All of this means that I’m spending too much brainpower thinking about...

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Kawaii Diaper Comparison and Review

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I’m using four different types of Kawaii cloth diapers on my 2 year old. Before I ordered them, I had a hard time finding a comparison of the different types of Kawaii diapers. The reviews that I found were mostly by people who have younger babies, and I’m using these on a 2 year old. She’s long and skinny, with skinny thighs. I can’t speak to any long-term use of these diapers, since I haven’t had them very long. We switched over to cloth diapers for potty-training, so I’m not dealing with newborn poop or anything like that. This is the “stash” of 17 Kawaii Diapers that I ordered:   There are  12″OS Heavy Duty in Velcro Closure (HD2)” with Aplix/Velcro, plus 1 “New Improved Original Cross-Over Squared Tab Snap (Square Tab Snap)”, 1 “One Size Snazzy Minky (Minky),” and 3 “April Baby Dual Closure One Size Cloth Diaper (April Baby).” So, all of them are One Size diapers. Here is the One Size Square Tab Snap diaper compared to a size Medium Happy Heiny (the pink diaper on top is the Happy Heiny): Here are the Kawaii diaper varieties all stacked on top of each other, lined up flush on one side and set as large as they will go. I don’t think there is really much of any real size difference. The April Baby seems like it will adjust t to the largest in actual use, and the Square Tab Snap seems to not go as big. HD2 is on top, April Baby is in the middle, the Square Tab Snap is on the bottom: General Quality of Kawaii Diapers: The initial quality seems fine compared to the Happy Heiny that I have, and I like them better than the Fuzzibunz trainers I have. Out of the 17 diapers I ordered, I think that 3 of them have some sort of flaw that another more expensive brand would have deemed a “second quality diaper.” I have heard other people complain that Kawaii diapers have flaws, but I have not seen details. Here are the details of the flaws on the diapers that I received: This diaper has elastic that is not gathered quite evenly along the leg: This diaper has elastic that is not gathered evenly along the back:     This diaper has unevenly sized double leg gussets. One side’s double gusset is about an inch, the other side is almost 2 inches.     I don’t think that any of these flaws will affect how the diaper performs. They’re just flaws that I noted because I am pretty sure that a more expensive diaper brand would not have let these go through Quality Control. If I had paid $25 for a diaper with these flaws, I would not be happy. I think the flaws reflect the very low price of the diaper. I paid just around $5 per diaper, including two inserts with each diaper. Some more expensive brands sell their seconds quality diapers at a discount, but I have never seen them for $5 each.  For the price, I’m fine with the flaws, especially considering that most of the diapers do not seem to have any flaws. Comparison Shape: The HD2, the Square Tab Snap, and the Minky diapers all seem to be the same shape. The Velcro closure on the HD2 is asymmetrical at this point for my 2 year old since she is too big to use the cross-over tab. I have to be careful to get the diaper tabs lined up completely straight or else the tab corners poke my daughter’s thighs and she complains. She...

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Switching to Cloth Diapers For Potty Training

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When I looked in to cloth diapers for my oldest 7 years ago, the cloth diapering world was a lot different. It wasn’t nearly as big or trendy as it seems to be now. It wasn’t as mainstream and practical, either. There were only a few reliable choices, and everything seemed really expensive. Disposable diapers were cheaper back then, too. I did the math and it would have cost me more money to cloth diaper back then, unless I went with prefolds and homemade covers (and the prefolds that were readily available were Gerber). I had never head of a Snappi diaper fastener, flushable liners, or a diaper sprayer, either. The cost of a pocket diaper back then was at least $15, and still went up over $20. For one diaper. You need like 30 cloth diapers or you’ll be running out and buying disposables while you wait for the diapers to dry…at least if you’re like me. You have to factor in the cost of buying soap and heating and using water, and drying, too. Back then I could easily get a jumbo back of Pampers or Huggies diapers for around $3-$4 on sale, with coupons. I stocked up on cheap disposable diapers and never paid anywhere close to retail. If I had to pay $6/jumbo pack I thought it was insanely expensive. As time went by and I had more kids, the deals on disposables became harder to find, and I got a lot busier, and pretty much the best I can do is order diapers in bulk from Amazon and use our Prime membership. I think it works out to somewhere around at least $8 for the equivalent of a Jumbo pack. Back then, I was still in law school and I wanted to save money. I quit teaching when my oldest was born and we were down to one income until I passed the bar. Cloth diapers weren’t going to save me money back then, at least not the ones that would be pleasant enough for me, my mom, and my husband to agree to use. So why did I get it in my head to revisit cloth diapers? There are a lot of reasons for me to not cloth diaper. I don’t have time for cloth diapers. I already have way too much laundry. I prefer to minimize my close contact with poop. Here is the reason I am switching to cloth diapers: Potty training. Using some cloth diapers is what finally worked for the last kid, so we’re doing it whole hog for this one. Also, I switched over the cloth for swim diapers and they’re much nicer than the disposable swim diapers. I just want to contain the wet and minimize the amount of times I have to use my carpet cleaning machine. The children have seen the carpet cleaning machine enough times that they have named it “Big Boy.” I suspect that potty training when you’re a working mom is harder. I finally really pushed potty training with my oldest when I was on maternity leave with my second born, because before that it was impossible to have my oldest establish new potty habits because no matter how hard I tried, things were different with me than without me. My second born was much easier to potty train because I only worked part time, but there were still a lot of interruptions in the routine. I am still going to have to deal with interruptions in the routine because I still usually leave my kids one or two days a week...

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DIY Anna Frozen Cape

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PrincessSpitfire pretty much wears a princess dress every day. My mom buys most of them at Goodwill. Seriously, people just donate these dresses that their kid clearly didn’t even wear more than once. Princess LIVES in these dresses. She wears several of them every day. I don’t really care what she wants to wear, except that these princess dresses do not provide much warmth, and it’s like 15 degrees outside. There is snow on the ground and she’s twirling around in a single layer of satin. She refuses to wear a shirt or pants under any dress, reasoning that real princesses do not wear pants or a shirt under their dress, and thus, neither will she. I bought her the Anna princess costume from the Disney store, and she firmly believes that since the dress kept Anna warm in the snow, it will also keep her warm in the snow. Daily, it disappoints her. She weeps when I am leaving for work on the days when I work out of the house, because this  means that she will have to put on something other than a princess dress so that she can go to my parent’s house. Before I became a mother, I could never have imagined the weeping over princess dresses. I was happy to wear hand-me-downs from my brothers, myself. Anyway, this has made leaving for work into a big production, with a lot more drama than I like in my life. All part of life as a working mom. When I left the kids with my parents 40+ hours a week, there were hardly ever tears…now when I leave them once a week, there is major weeping going on from PrincessSpitfire. Ugh. Finally, I found a solution to the dress issue, so that has provided at least a little relief. I was able to convince her that although princesses do not wear Land’s End purple jackets, they do wear capes. I copied the Anna cape from her costume and made a couple of long semi-circular capes out of blanket-type material and satin. I made sure to include the white fake fur, because Princess informed me that princess capes HAVE to have white fur. This cape was well received. I just finished a second cape that’s backed with satin and uses a rainbow blanket binding for the neck area…no white fur since I didn’t buy enough. I’m holding my breath that it will be accepted. Since I made PrincessSpitfire a cape (two capes…), TheBarbarian has decided that he also needs a cape/cloak/Jedi robe. Now I’ve got to make one of those post haste or have to deal with super jealousness. And this is what took up two evenings and an early morning, all time that I would have spent working if my sewing skills had not been urgently needed for some princess...

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