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Finish What You Started vs. Multitasking

Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in Diary of a Startup | 0 comments

Multitasking is something that has always been easy for me. I have no problem keeping track of multiple things at once. However, I also like to finish what I start. This means that while I like to multitask, I do not like to multitask when I’m working on something that is going to take a lot of time. I hate feeling interrupted in it, and I feel like it’s inefficient because it takes me time to get back into the groove again after having to attend to something else. This means that when I’m busy with lots of things, I just won’t start anything that I view as long and complex. It would be inefficient to start it because I will not be able to finish it. This isn’t practical in real life, so to work around it, I have to break the larger task up into smaller goals. I hate doing it, but it’s necessary. I manage to stay on top of everything this way. When I don’t do it, or when it just can’t be done that way, I end up having to put things off, which I also hate....

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