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Immigration Attorney Denied Hearing Delay Brings Baby to Court

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Immigration Attorney Denied Hearing Delay Brings Baby To Court This attorney’s baby was only four weeks old, too young to start daycare. Her husband is in trucking and was gone. She asked for a continuance based on her maternity leave, and it was denied. She went to court with the baby. She told the AP,¬†“I was in a state of panic. I didn’t know what to do with my baby.”¬†Immigration master calendar hearings can take hours to get through. The hearing is scheduled at a certain time, but so are many other people, and so even though you may have been scheduled for 9AM, you may not be heard until 11:30. Or later. Or maybe not at all. The baby cried in court. The last time I had a baby, I was working at a nonprofit clinic. I made sure to request continuances for some of the clients whose interviews or court hearings were scheduled during my maternity leave, and had several attorneys lined up to take my place at others. I didn’t have any problems when I asked for hearing continuances. I thought all would go back to normal after my maternity leave was over. Instead, I ended up with a baby who wouldn’t take a bottle. This meant that leaving her for more than an hour or so was really an impossibility. For the most part, I was able to find other attorneys to cover for me when it was necessary. After my baby started eating baby food, I was able to leave her for just a couple of hours at a time so that I could attend an interview with a client. When she finally started to take sippy cups at a year old, I heaved a sigh of...

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