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The Easiest Tula Slipcover in the World

Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Kid Stuff | 5 comments

Update: This is done, go here to see it!   I need a buckle carrier for my girls. I really prefer wrapping and find it the most comfortable of anything (although my DIY Mei Tai is a close second, especially with my 4 year old). When my 2 year old is fighting her nap, I need buckles. Buckles are quick to put on, so there is minimum fuss, and there is no “seat popping” issues like I get in my preferred Double Hammock (a type of carry done with a woven wrap). I have an SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) that I sewed out of a Didymos Linen Stendhal, which I have loved, but now that my 2 year old is almost 3, it’s getting to be a bit small for her to nap in. I had a kinderpack about a year ago, but unfortunately I had ordered a size that was too big for my littlest at the time, so I churned it (that means that I sold it to someone else). I’ve also had a Kanga and sold that when it was outgrown. This time, I’d like to try a Tula. I spent wayyyyy too much time debating about which print to get. I considered sewing slipcovers. I do not have time. There are some awesome slipcovers for Tulas over on Etsy, but they are quite expensive given that most of the time I still use woven wraps. With a 2 and 4 year old it’s really important that they like the carrier, so we looked at pictures together, but the Tula patterns we could agree on were out of stock. My 2 year old wants purple really bad, and I’m not big on purple. My 4 year old and I liked the orange and pink “Summer Love” Tula, but let’s face it…that’s going to be a hard resell in a couple of years. Finally, inspiration struck! My girls have a billion princess dresses….my girls would love a Disney princess Tula….I got it! I’ll hack the Tula slipcover together using a princess dress. I already tried it out on my current SSC and I think it will work really well. So in the end, after debating for so long about which Tula pattern to order, I finally ordered a plain old Cloudy. I love Heart Hugs, and I do not get any money from them for saying that I like them. The gal who runs it does a great job with customer service and she deserves a shout out, so I’ll give it here. My Cloudy Tula is on the way, and of course I had to order a few cheapy princess dresses from Amazon, so when they get here I’ll show you how to hack your own Disney Tula slipcover...

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