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15 minutes to a no-sew Tula Slipcover – the Disney Frozen Princess Dress Edition

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  In Part 1 I had an idea to use some cheap princess dresses as slipcovers for our new Toddler Tula. My girls are almost 3 and almost 5, and they are tall kids. I don’t need a carrier for my older girl any more, but sometimes she tires out on long trips, and since I have a carrier along for my 2 year old, it’s convenient to be able to put my 4 year old up when she needs a rest. I absolutely need a carrier for my 2 year old – we are often on-the-go during her naptime, so she takes her nap in a carrier. As the girls have gotten older, they have gotten pickier about what carrier they want. I’m sure they would have loved a fancy wrap conversion Tula, but they are very expensive, and we already have our awesome wrap conversion mei tai (free printable pattern and tutorial here). I like our denim mei tai as much as the wrap conversion, anyway, so a canvas Tula is just fine by me. My girls are really into princesses and dressing up, so I did some searching and found some really cool Tula slipcovers – this is one on Etsy at Custom Kid Carriers looks really cool, and if the Tula were my only carrier and I were going to use it all the time, I’d go for it (well, or make my own, but something like this is a lot of work)  It looks great! This is definitely NOT the easiest Tula slipcover in the world. Nope. The easiest Tula slipcover doesn’t even need any sewing at all. It’s not a work of art, but it’s cute and we get compliments on it. My girls are like every other little girl out there, and they’re crazy for Disney Frozen, and wanted Anna and Elsa Tula slipcovers. To make the easiest Tula slipcover in the world, I started with this Anna dress on Amazon, and this Elsa dress on Amazon. When I ordered them, they were about $8 to $11 each, including shipping through Amazon Prime. That’s pretty cheap! I also considered using the short dresses that come in the Disney “doll and dress” combos – I have a couple of these dresses but now that my daughters are older, they won’t wear the shorter dresses so it would be no loss to us to cut them up. They came in boxes like this. You need your dress, your Tula, and some scissors.   Getting the dress onto the Tula as a slipcover means that you’re going to have to destroy the dress as a wearable dress. It’s only going to be a slipcover after you get down with it.  You won’t need to cut as much if you are using a standard size Tula. I’m using a toddler Tula, which obviously is bigger than the standard size, so I had to cut the dresses a bit more to get them to fit onto the larger size. If you wanted to experiment with this and make a slipcover for an Ergo or another smaller carrier, I think this would also work really well as a super easy slipcover for any soft structured baby carrier. Part of the reason why the Tula is more difficult to slipcover is because the shoulder straps do not unbuckle. If you were using a Kinderpack, Ergo, Boba, Beco, etc., you could unbuckle the straps and cut some strategic holes, rather than having to cut larger slits. Pics!  The Anna dress laid out next to the Toddler Tula. I got a simple Cloudy...

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