A Minecraft Bedroom, part 1

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This Minecraft bookshelf is made from Ikea Kallax in green, plus the Kallax door inserts   in multiple different colors. The checkout guy thought we were a little crazy to be buying so many different colors of door inserts, but the finished product looks really good. I have had many fabric bins, and have seen a Minecraft shelf done similarly with fabric bins and fabric, but I have never been happy with the way the fabric bins hold up to use over time. I wanted this to last and look good for a long time.  This was not cheap, but it holds a lot, and it looks really cool.

A Minecraft bookshelf made from Ikea Kallax

A Minecraft bookshelf made from Ikea Kallax

I used various square stickers from Polka Dot Wall Stickers to create the Minecraft faces.  On the bottom row is a Minecraft pig, Minecraft TNT, Minecraft Creeper, and Minecraft Steve. Top row is a Minecraft Creeper, Minecraft Enderman, Minecraft chicken, and a Minecraft Mooshroom. The kids did the Creepers mostly on their own. I ordered various sizes of stickers but the 1 inch squares turned out to be the best for this project.

A good start for a Minecraft bedroom.

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