Kawaii Diaper Comparison and Review

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I’m using four different types of Kawaii cloth diapers on my 2 year old. Before I ordered them, I had a hard time finding a comparison of the different types of Kawaii diapers. The reviews that I found were mostly by people who have younger babies, and I’m using these on a 2 year old. She’s long and skinny, with skinny thighs.

I can’t speak to any long-term use of these diapers, since I haven’t had them very long. We switched over to cloth diapers for potty-training, so I’m not dealing with newborn poop or anything like that.

This is the “stash” of 17 Kawaii Diapers that I ordered:

17 Kawaii Diaper stash


There are  12″OS Heavy Duty in Velcro Closure (HD2)” with Aplix/Velcro, plus 1 “New Improved Original Cross-Over Squared Tab Snap (Square Tab Snap)”, 1 “One Size Snazzy Minky (Minky),” and 3 “April Baby Dual Closure One Size Cloth Diaper (April Baby).”

So, all of them are One Size diapers.

Here is the One Size Square Tab Snap diaper compared to a size Medium Happy Heiny (the pink diaper on top is the Happy Heiny):

Kawaii OS vs. Happy Heiny medium Kawaii OS diaper vs. Happy Heiny medium

Here are the Kawaii diaper varieties all stacked on top of each other, lined up flush on one side and set as large as they will go. I don’t think there is really much of any real size difference. The April Baby seems like it will adjust t to the largest in actual use, and the Square Tab Snap seems to not go as big. HD2 is on top, April Baby is in the middle, the Square Tab Snap is on the bottom:

Kawaii diaper comparison

General Quality of Kawaii Diapers:

The initial quality seems fine compared to the Happy Heiny that I have, and I like them better than the Fuzzibunz trainers I have. Out of the 17 diapers I ordered, I think that 3 of them have some sort of flaw that another more expensive brand would have deemed a “second quality diaper.” I have heard other people complain that Kawaii diapers have flaws, but I have not seen details. Here are the details of the flaws on the diapers that I received:

This diaper has elastic that is not gathered quite evenly along the leg:

Kawaii second quality elastic

This diaper has elastic that is not gathered evenly along the back:


Kawaii April Baby second quality back elastic


This diaper has unevenly sized double leg gussets. One side’s double gusset is about an inch, the other side is almost 2 inches.


Kawaii April Baby Second Quality Gusset 2


I don’t think that any of these flaws will affect how the diaper performs. They’re just flaws that I noted because I am pretty sure that a more expensive diaper brand would not have let these go through Quality Control. If I had paid $25 for a diaper with these flaws, I would not be happy. I think the flaws reflect the very low price of the diaper. I paid just around $5 per diaper, including two inserts with each diaper. Some more expensive brands sell their seconds quality diapers at a discount, but I have never seen them for $5 each.  For the price, I’m fine with the flaws, especially considering that most of the diapers do not seem to have any flaws.



The HD2, the Square Tab Snap, and the Minky diapers all seem to be the same shape. The Velcro closure on the HD2 is asymmetrical at this point for my 2 year old since she is too big to use the cross-over tab. I have to be careful to get the diaper tabs lined up completely straight or else the tab corners poke my daughter’s thighs and she complains. She wiggles a lot when getting a diaper on, which means that getting the diaper on straight is easier said than done.

The April Baby has rounded tabs rather than squared. It doesn’t look asymmetrical, but the exposed small tabs aren’t as cute as the square tabs to me. The tabs look just like BumGenius tabs to me. The rounded tabs mean that I do not have to be quite as careful with getting the diaper on completely straight.

Winner: None


Except for the Aplix/Velcro vs. Snap closure. The HD2 has Velcro, while the Square Tab Snap and the Minky have snaps.

The April Baby has a combination of snaps and Aplix/velcro. The Aplix/Velcro is what needs to be used until the baby is big enough to use the snaps. My 2 year old is about 28 pounds, and she can use the snaps on the smaller setting, but she can also use just the velcro. With the snaps, there is more of a gap on the top of the diaper because she is so skinny. I usually just use the Velcro with her. The velcro tabs are really small. They are already curling a teeny tiny bit. They seem to work just as well. I’m not sure how they’ll hold up over time compared to the larger closure.

The Velcro is very easy with my 2 year old when she is fighting getting the diaper on. She can take it off by herself to get to the potty. However, when I do not want her to take the diaper off, I want to use snaps. If we were not potty training, I could just put a onesie or pants onto her to prevent her from taking off the Velcro diaper – this is what we did while using disposables.

Winner: For this stage, I need to have Velcro. I like the snap option on the April Baby, even if my daughter is not quite chunky enough for them yet. I like my mix of HD2 and a couple of snaps for naptime. I could get by with all April Baby if I wanted all the same. It would be nice just to be able to snap the April Babies before a nap instead of having to completely change the diaper to a different style. If I had to pick only one type, then April Baby. If I could have a mix, though, I would stick with my mix, because I like the larger Velcro on the HD2.


All the diapers come with two thin microfiber inserts. Kawaii offers Bamboo, but I read varying reports and stuck with their cheap microfiber. I have prefolds that I can stuff inside if I don’t like the microfiber after a while. I have been using only one insert during waking hours, and two inserts for naps, but we are potty training and I want her to feel wet.

The microfiber is not all  regular and even. I think a more expensive diaper company probably specially orders their microfiber so that it is the same every time. I think these may be sourced for whatever is cheap, because the microfiber does not all look identical. The difference is very slight. For the price, I’m not complaining. It’s not big deal to me.

There is one big difference with the April Baby inserts that I received. The April Baby diapers came with one regular insert, and one smaller insert. The company doesn’t seem to explain this anywhere, but I am pretty sure that the smaller insert is for use when the diaper is set on the smallest setting. This is a nice feature that I think a lot of cloth diaperers like to have.

Kawaii inserts

Winner: April Baby, for the dual sized inserts.


Minky, Square Tab Snap, and April are all lined with microfleece.

HD2 is lined with microsuede.

Microfleece on top, Microsuede on bottom:

Diaper microfleece vs. microsuede

Winner: HD2. The microfleece feels softer, but the microsuede is less bulky and I like how it’s smoother – less opportunity for poop to stick. The microsuede “scars” a bit when it gets stuck with the Velcro, but it doesn’t seem to affect function. I kind of wish they were all lined with microsuede.

Drying Time:

The Minky diaper took a lot longer to dry. I’m glad I only bought one of those because I appreciate the quick drying time of the regular TPU.

Winner: TPU

Fit on my skinny 2 year old:

They all fit pretty well, but if I do not use snaps on the April Baby, the diaper ends sometimes sag down a bit in what I think is called “wing droop.” She gets a gap on top if I use the snaps, so who knows. Maybe she’s just long and skinny and that’s what happens with these.

I didn’t have any issues with the other diapers, except for the square velcro tabs poking her thighs. I get “wing droop” on disposable diapers with her sometimes, too.


The April baby is the only one with a double gusset. It looks like it would hold in messy poop better.

HD2 on left, Snap on top, April Baby on bottom:

Kawaii April baby double gusset, vs. HD2

Winner: I guess this depends on whether or not you like gussets. I think I’d surely pick the gussets for a younger baby. It probably doesn’t make a big difference with a 2 year old.

Laundry Tabs:

They all have laundry tabs. The April Baby laundry tabs are smaller because of the smaller Velcro, and they are annoying. They still end up getting stuck to each other in the wash, and it’s annoying.

Winner: Not the April Baby.


They all use TPU instead of PUL. TPU is supposed to be better. I have no idea, but it seems fine. The TPU feels nicer and softer than the Babyville PUL. The Minky diaper uses Minky that has TPU bonded to it. They all have a waterproof layer at the belly to minimize wicking.

Winner: They’re all the same.

Color choices:

When I ordered, the Kawaii website had the most color choices for the HD2 and Minky diapers. I like the solid colors. You can get more prints with the snaps/minky. I don’t particularly care for most of the prints anyway. The Kawaii site had some bundle deals for the Snap diapers, but you could only choose solid brown or yellow. Meh.

Winner: Right now with what’s available, it’s the HD2 for me, but YMMV.

What will I order more of? 

During potty training, we’re going through almost all the diapers every day. I could have used the 24 pack of HD2 diapers. I’ll see how the Velcro holds up. I think I’d rather deal with replacing Velcro than have to deal with trying to get snaps on and off my wiggler. I also like the I don’t think I want any more snap diapers. They have their place, but two is enough for me right now.

I like the April Baby diapers a lot, even though they have microfleece and the small velcro tabs that get stuck in the laundry. I like that they have the smaller insert for use when the baby is on the smallest setting. I like that they’re symmetrical, even though the overall shape is not as cute. I wish there was an April Baby with microsuede liner. I also have a love/hate with the velcro tabs on the April Baby.

I’m not ordering any more of any of them right now.

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