Switching to cloth diapers to potty train, part 2

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Here is the problem with switching to cloth diapers to potty train:

Upon switching to cloth diapers, my toddler immediately realized that being wet does not feel nice. It is very apparent that she feels a big difference when she pees in a cloth diaper vs. when she pees in a disposable diaper. The cloth diapers have microfleece and microsuede “stay dry” liners, but obviously she feels wetter than in a disposable.

This is the good part. This is the big reason for switching to cloth at this point – to get her motivated to not pee on herself. She immediately wants a new diaper after peeing in one.

That part has gone ok, she has gone from wetting 17+ cloth diapers a day to now actually hold the pee and not wetting nearly so often. Usually, she’ll hold it for a couple of hours, and then we go through this thing where she needs a new diaper every 20 minutes for like an hour+.  Ok, that’s pretty good progress.

The problem comes when someone sticks a disposable on her (so far we are still using disposables at night). When she pees in the disposable, she immediately wants to be changed now, and that means anywhere from 25-50 cents just went in the trash. And then ten minutes later she’ll pee on another one. And another one. One day, I hadn’t gotten all the diapers washed and dried (since she is wetting pretty much all the diapers every day), and she had to go back to disposables for a day, and that was an expensive day at first…then after a few hours she must have realized that she wasn’t feeling “wet” because she stopped asking for changes. When we went back to cloth the next day she went right back to wanting to be changed immediately after wetting.

I ordered some bamboo Kawaii diapers so that we’ll have enough to keep some at my mom’s house, some in the car, etc. I got the bamboo ones just because they’re different, and because I like having diapers that snap sometimes. I had ordered a couple of Alva baby diapers to compare to see if maybe I would order a bunch more, but I don’t really like the as much as the Kawaii diapers, so I went for more Kawaiis.

I have kept disposables around for nighttime because I don’t think any cloth diaper is going to hold up to a two year old all night. I would like to get completely away from disposables because I’ve noticed that Jefe will happily just keep putting on disposables as long as they are there…even though I was saving the disposables for nighttime and had not planned on buying any more except for if we travel. At this rate I’ll have to buy some more, but I usually would buy the giant $50 box of diapers from Amazon because the price per diaper is low. Now if I buy the giant box we won’t use them before she outgrows them.

All of this means that I’m spending too much brainpower thinking about diapers.

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