DIY Anna Frozen Cape

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PrincessSpitfire pretty much wears a princess dress every day. My mom buys most of them at Goodwill. Seriously, people just donate these dresses that their kid clearly didn’t even wear more than once. Princess LIVES in these dresses. She wears several of them every day.

I don’t really care what she wants to wear, except that these princess dresses do not provide much warmth, and it’s like 15 degrees outside. There is snow on the ground and she’s twirling around in a single layer of satin. She refuses to wear a shirt or pants under any dress, reasoning that real princesses do not wear pants or a shirt under their dress, and thus, neither will she.

I bought her the Anna princess costume from the Disney store, and she firmly believes that since the dress kept Anna warm in the snow, it will also keep her warm in the snow. Daily, it disappoints her.

She weeps when I am leaving for work on the days when I work out of the house, because this  means that she will have to put on something other than a princess dress so that she can go to my parent’s house. Before I became a mother, I could never have imagined the weeping over princess dresses. I was happy to wear hand-me-downs from my brothers, myself.

Anyway, this has made leaving for work into a big production, with a lot more drama than I like in my life. All part of life as a working mom. When I left the kids with my parents 40+ hours a week, there were hardly ever tears…now when I leave them once a week, there is major weeping going on from PrincessSpitfire. Ugh.

Finally, I found a solution to the dress issue, so that has provided at least a little relief. I was able to convince her that although princesses do not wear Land’s End purple jackets, they do wear capes. I copied the Anna cape from her costume and made a couple of long semi-circular capes out of blanket-type material and satin. I made sure to include the white fake fur, because Princess informed me that princess capes HAVE to have white fur. This cape was well received. I just finished a second cape that’s backed with satin and uses a rainbow blanket binding for the neck area…no white fur since I didn’t buy enough. I’m holding my breath that it will be accepted.

Since I made PrincessSpitfire a cape (two capes…), TheBarbarian has decided that he also needs a cape/cloak/Jedi robe. Now I’ve got to make one of those post haste or have to deal with super jealousness.

And this is what took up two evenings and an early morning, all time that I would have spent working if my sewing skills had not been urgently needed for some princess capes.

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