Switching to Cloth Diapers For Potty Training

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Kawaii minky diaper (owl)

Kawaii minky diaper (owl)

Kawaii HD2 diaper

Kawaii HD2 diaper

Kawaii snap diaper

Kawaii snap diaper

Kawaii april diaper

Kawaii april diaper

When I looked in to cloth diapers for my oldest 7 years ago, the cloth diapering world was a lot different. It wasn’t nearly as big or trendy as it seems to be now. It wasn’t as mainstream and practical, either. There were only a few reliable choices, and everything seemed really expensive. Disposable diapers were cheaper back then, too. I did the math and it would have cost me more money to cloth diaper back then, unless I went with prefolds and homemade covers (and the prefolds that were readily available were Gerber). I had never head of a Snappi diaper fastener, flushable liners, or a diaper sprayer, either.

The cost of a pocket diaper back then was at least $15, and still went up over $20. For one diaper. You need like 30 cloth diapers or you’ll be running out and buying disposables while you wait for the diapers to dry…at least if you’re like me. You have to factor in the cost of buying soap and heating and using water, and drying, too. Back then I could easily get a jumbo back of Pampers or Huggies diapers for around $3-$4 on sale, with coupons. I stocked up on cheap disposable diapers and never paid anywhere close to retail. If I had to pay $6/jumbo pack I thought it was insanely expensive. As time went by and I had more kids, the deals on disposables became harder to find, and I got a lot busier, and pretty much the best I can do is order diapers in bulk from Amazon and use our Prime membership. I think it works out to somewhere around at least $8 for the equivalent of a Jumbo pack.

Back then, I was still in law school and I wanted to save money. I quit teaching when my oldest was born and we were down to one income until I passed the bar. Cloth diapers weren’t going to save me money back then, at least not the ones that would be pleasant enough for me, my mom, and my husband to agree to use.

So why did I get it in my head to revisit cloth diapers?

There are a lot of reasons for me to not cloth diaper. I don’t have time for cloth diapers. I already have way too much laundry. I prefer to minimize my close contact with poop.

Here is the reason I am switching to cloth diapers: Potty training. Using some cloth diapers is what finally worked for the last kid, so we’re doing it whole hog for this one. Also, I switched over the cloth for swim diapers and they’re much nicer than the disposable swim diapers.

I just want to contain the wet and minimize the amount of times I have to use my carpet cleaning machine. The children have seen the carpet cleaning machine enough times that they have named it “Big Boy.”

I suspect that potty training when you’re a working mom is harder. I finally really pushed potty training with my oldest when I was on maternity leave with my second born, because before that it was impossible to have my oldest establish new potty habits because no matter how hard I tried, things were different with me than without me. My second born was much easier to potty train because I only worked part time, but there were still a lot of interruptions in the routine.

I am still going to have to deal with interruptions in the routine because I still usually leave my kids one or two days a week while I go to work. This time, I am going to make sure that even while I’m gone, Sirenita understands that peeing in your pants is uncomfortable. Pee time is not “stay dry” time. It is “ew, what is that horrible wet feeling” time. Hold your flames, cloth diapers fans, I know that you can use cloth diapers in a way that will still give your baby a “stay dry” feeling. However, I will not be using them that way for potty training. I want her to feel wet.

I have “been there done that” with having a kid in pull-ups for a year. Or more. They kids quickly figured out that it really doesn’t matter if you pee or poop in the pull up. With my older kids I finally got wise to it with each of them, pushed the issue with some padded underwear and covers, cleaned up the zillion accidents, and finally we were done. But it took way too long and there was way too much drama over it.

I’m going right to using padded underwear with a diaper cover, because that is what I finally found out worked best for me last time with PrincessSpitfire. I’ve bought the Gerber training underwear in the past, but Sirenita wants Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse underwear just like her big sister, so I bought some of those and sewed pieces of prefold diapers inside to add absorption (I bought Osocozy and they are much better suited to potty stuff than what I’ve used before). If this isn’t working too well, we can always use the entire cloth diaper for a little while until Sirenita is more ready.

Since I work, and my mom and husband are going to have to be on board with this, I tried to order items that would be easy for them to use. I also wanted cheap but effective. Enter the Kawaii Diaper. I probably spent hours reading reviews of Kawaii diapers to see how they fit, how they work, and how they hold up to use. They look good enough for me. I wasn’t sure if snaps or Aplix/Velcro would work best.

I ordered directly from the luvyourbaby website, which ships directly from Canada. There were not a whole lot of color choices in stock, but whatever, I don’t care. I’m not into most of the prints. The girly prints were cuter than the boyish ones, but I wanted to stick to gender neutral. I played with different combos for a “diaper stash” and came up with 12 HD2 diapers (these have Aplix), 1 minky diaper with snaps, 1 black diaper with snaps, and 3 of the April Duo Closure diapers that close with Aplix for a smaller baby and snaps for a bigger baby/toddler. This seemed like a pretty good assortment to try.

I paid just over $100 with shipping, for 17 diapers, which works out to close to $6/diaper. I used a coupon code at the Kawaii luvyourbaby website to get an extra 10% off. It was “bargainmoose.” I have no idea how long the coupon code will work. Anyway, $100 is like three months of disposable pull ups, assuming the kid is being pretty successful with not peeing in the pull up constantly. This is a LOT cheaper than anything I could find 7 years ago, and from what I can tell the quality is better. I have seen plenty of cloth diapers at consignment sales, and bought a couple there, too, and this deal for the Kawaii diapers beats anything I’ve seen. If they are half as good as their reviews, they’ll be worth it. I could have ordered the Kawaii diaper covers, but ordering the pocket diapers cost about the same, and last time with PrincessSpitfire we liked using the pocket diaper as a cover (though this may have been just our experience with the very limited brands we tried).

I’ve also got some new DIY upcycled wool soakers and longies, which may work well, too, but are not going to fly with my mom.

I still have the cloth assortment covers I used with Princess during potty training. Fuzzibuns Trickle Free Trainers, a medium Happy Heiny pocket diaper, and a CuteyBaby diaper cover. I’ll give a nod to these since they are what helped with Princess a lot, but I needed way more just these few, and out of them the Happy Heiny was the only one that worked pretty well for us. The Fuzzibuns trainers didn’t fit Princess at all. Baggy in the butt and way too tight in the thighs. They were so expensive, too. I think I paid $20 for each of them. 🙁  The CuteyBaby wasn’t great. Princess preferred the Happy Heiny and so did I, even though the medium was small on her by the time we used it. I put in the Amazon links so that you can see the reviews for the Fuzzibuns and CuteyBaby aren’t great, and I wouldn’t have bought those if I had seen those reviews first. I bought all of those locally, so the Kawaii diapers are the first time I have ordered diapers online, without seeing them first.

When the new “potty training tools” get here, I’ll try them out and see how they go.  If I don’t like any or all of the styles of the Kawaii diapers, I’ll probably try some other cheaper-but-well-known brands like Sunbabies or Alva diapers. It’s a cloth diaper jungle out there.




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