Bandwidth Exceeded

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Woke up this morning to a nasty surprise – was down with a “bandwidth exceeded” notice. Oh noes!

Emergency tech support and I scrambled. By emergency tech support, I mean Jefe. And by “Tech support and I scrambled” I mean Jefe did something productive while I mostly sat there next to him moaning about how this couldn’t possibly be right. We have an unlimited bandwidth plan.

Calling and messaging the hosting support was completely unproductive at first. Jefe’s first inquiries about the bandwidth issue were met with some standard answers about reading the hosting FAQ. It turns out that “unlimited bandwidth” doesn’t really mean unlimited. It means something like whatever they determine is reasonable use. We didn’t have a chance to explain about how much we’d actually used – nope, the standard response was what was given, end of story. Absolutely zero effort on the hosting company’s part to clear up the issue. It’s not like the site has a lot of video or anything huge, so even with all the revamping of the site, backing up, etc., it still should have been considered reasonable under any business unlimited plan.

Jefe checked into the Cpanel and found out that somehow a setting was switched down to something really low. A half hour later and it was set back to unlimited by someone at the hosting company who was able to verify that yes, something had been totally messed up.


Product shots and ebook covers
Dropped my laptop. Boo.

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