Bringing Baby To Work

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Aw, I wrote this when Sirenita was just 4 months old. This is a pretty good description of what it’s like to work and also be the 24/7 center of the world for a 4 month old. And, as I say at the end, I could still go on and on and on about babywearing.


“I am incredibly blessed to be able to bring my baby to work with me most of the time. It is an even greater blessing for me because Sirenita decided that Mommy is the only one from whom she will take a bottle, and pacifiers are fine as toys but do not substitute for Mommy.

Now that she is four months old, Sirenita, when she is at least 90% full, has a clean diaper, has no tummy issues, and is otherwise feeling perfect in every way, has decided that Daddy can hold her for about a half hour and can even fall asleep in his arms sometimes (while crying). No one else can really hold Sirenita for more than a few minutes (this hurts Grandma’s feelings! But shouldn’t because it’s Nothing Personal!). This is an improvement over how Sirenita was for the first four months of her life, because during that time if anyone else held her it was pretty much cause for deep-breath crying jags that lasted until she got to attach herself to me like a little remora and soothe herself with my body.  The pediatrician says that Sirenita must be gifted because she noticed exactly who is who from such an early age. I know she is saying that to make me feel better, because I am incredibly tired. Happy for Sirenita and her sweetness, but tired. And really thankful that Sirenita has begun to suck her fingers to soothe herself sometimes.

Anyway, yes, this is hard. I’m quite glad that Sirenita is my third child because I know that I have done nothing to deserve this. This is not a result of and of my real or imagined parenting failures. It’s just who she is. All three of my children have been their own selves pretty much from day one. I know, because I compared them from day one.

I returned to work when Sirenita was about three months old, and she came along with me. This is a different experience than I had with my two older children. We go to the office, I put her into a German Style Woven Wrap, and we do my work. She’s pretty much happy as a clam in there. Eventually she’ll want to eat, at which point I shut my office door, hook her on like a little remora, and continue working. Just like those big fish that keep swimming with a remora attached to them. Except this is a loving and beautiful bonding experience wherein I am nourishing my sweet little baby girl. It’s much easier and quicker than pumping. Been there, done that. Then Sirenita passes out from the bliss and I keep working. Eventually she wakes up, I change her, and the cycle repeats. Sometimes she wants to lie on the floor and play on a little mat. Then in the afternoon I head home to continue working at home while she plays in her little baby gym and swings in her swing (it’s a Graco Sweetpeace, which I forked over the money for AGAIN because I tried two other swings with picky Sirenita and this is the only one that is magic.)

The ONLY reason that I am successful with working like this is because I am doing what is called “babywearing.” I use German Style Woven Wraps from various makers. I buy, sell, and trade them on forum. They are not cheap, but they are a heck of a lot cheaper than daycare. I could buy a Pamir and have money left over with the money I would otherwise have spent on daycare.  I could go on and on about babywearing.”

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