Bringing More People On Board

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From January 2012:

I need to talk to more people about going in together on this. There’s no way I can contact all of these people by myself…at least, that’s how I feel. Maybe it’s a mistake to give up any part of the company. But I feel like I need someone to work with.

The people I have in mind are people I know. One is hard working, smart, she knows different areas of the law than I do, and she knows a lot of people. I talked with her about being part of the whole thing, being Veep, being whatever she wants. She’s in. It’s a good thing. Neither of us has any idea about how to divide up any kind of ownership of the company, either. What’s a fair chunk? We don’t know. I’m going to try to calculate it out.

The other person, I had been thinking about calling for a couple of months, and I finally bumped into her. I hadn’t called her because I was worried about feeling like I would be pushing her into working on something when she really clearly had a full plate last year. I was really happy to see her, because I’ve missed her a lot. She was happy to see me. She mentioned to me that she really thinks she needs a job. I told her to talk with me quickly, and I sat down with her and told her about in about five minutes. I completed a description for her of job duties so she could be well informed before making a decision.

I’ve made a list of the different job duties for me and potential other people, for all the things the site needs. This way everything is delegated well. I’ve also tried to divide up the ownership of the company. I don’t have any payment to offer, I only have company ownership. Right now the company is worth pretty much nothing because the site isn’t even built. This makes it difficult to value. I talked with my brother, who works at a startup, and he described to me how dividing up ownership pretty much goes. It seems like it’s not all that fair to the people who do the work. I feel like the people I have on board with me, if they are able to do their jobs well, will be the difference between success and failure. I am more about being fair. I do not have extravagant materialistic needs…or even wants.

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