Child’s Perspective on Adult Work

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From 1/21/2013

“TheBarbarian made a comment during lunch. He said that I have to do a lot more work than Dad. It’s funny because a year ago he used to say that Dad did the work and I didn’t work. He saw a printout of LearningLawyer letterhead or a logo or something, and he read it, and he asked me why it said lawyer, and why I had that paper. I told him it was for my company. He exclaimed, “You’re still a lawyer!?!?!” He didn’t realize that I still have a job. He goes to school before I leave, but he gets home before I get home. Apparently he thought I was just dressing up to go shopping or something. I don’t think he knows what a lawyer does. I want to tell him that I’m doing all this work for him and his sisters.”

Right at this time, I had transitioned over to working part time. My son (TheBarbarian) was still 5 years old at the time. For most of his life, he saw me leave for work, or I had already left for work before he woke up. I would pick him up in time for dinner, then feed him, bathe him, and read him tons of stories. Just before he turned 3, I had Princess and then Jefe took over some of the story reading.

Jefe works from home and our son would see him working all the time. TheBarbarian went to my office with me a few times so that he could see where I worked, but none of it sunk in because he was certain that I did not have to work very much, and that mostly what I did with my life was to play with him and Princess. Seeing me working at home on stuff seems to have set off the light bulb over his head.

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