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Being in the SCORE classes allowed me to think about my idea in new ways and view it from different angles.

While I was taking the classes, I researched stuff about my business idea, using links that they gave us. I discovered that online publishing is growing. I thought, well, I can just have people epublish through me, and be like a small publishing house.

I talked to an old buddy of ours on the phone who does website development in California and is very successful and talented. He said that I wanted a $100,000 website. I scaled down. I played with website cost estimators. I knew I had to contact some real companies.

I made a SCORE appointment to talk with a mentor. This is available in addition to the classes. The guy I talked to was nice, but he didn’t even really know for sure what an ebook was. I was the only one who scheduled a meeting that day. I think more people should take advantage of the free meetings. There are people there who want to help, have experience, and it’s free so there’s not much to lose by going.

I asked for recommendations on website companies. I didn’t get any website recommendations for a long time, not until after I’d already contacted people on my own. I didn’t get a mentor. I didn’t get matched up with anyone, even though at the earlier meetings a couple of them said that they had ecommerce type experience and web startup experience. For me, it didn’t work so well at this stage, but everyone was very nice, and if I were starting something more typical I think I could have gotten more help.

I started calling web companies. Only one was able to do the job. All the others said they couldn’t even do it. They said the shopping cart system I wanted was way too complicated. I didn’t have a whole lot of choice about who I hired, but I checked them out as best I could and it seemed like a good choice.

A Mentor
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