Doing “Mom Stuff” on a weekday

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The transition from being a mom who worked full time into a mom who works several jobs part time was something that took a while to get used to. Last year on MLK Day I had TheBarbarian home from school (back when he was in public school), and my two little girls, but Jefe didn’t have the day off, so I was home with all three kids on a weekday. It was 18 degrees outside, so outdoor play was not going to happen. I took the kids over to a local place that has indoor activities. We have a membership there (we have memberships to several places because we never want to stay anywhere longer than a couple of hours at a time).

I wrote how it took me an hour to get out the door, and how I brought snacks but neglected to bring anything for lunch for the kids.

This doesn’t even phase me any more. Of course it takes an hour to get out the door. I had forgotten there was  a time when it didn’t take that long. When I had two children, I wasn’t really slowed down at all getting out the door. Somehow, the addition of a third child added like 45 minutes to the preparation time. It added like 45 minutes to bedtime, too. This is minimum. Yes, the third child is worth it, and I’m crazy enough to want a fourth, but having that third child changed a lot. Namely, my obsessive punctuality. And how I used to get a reasonable amount of sleep each night.

Last MLK day 2013, I wrote this type A quote about what I thought about during my outing to the fun place with the kids sans Jefe.

“I thought about working a lot, but not too much, and enjoyed the time being out, where I couldn’t work on work even if I wanted to.”

That pretty much still describes me. If I am located in a place where it is possible to work, then I will work. If I am not located in a place where work is possible, then I will think about work. I find this relaxing.




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