Dropped my laptop. Boo.

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A few months ago I replaced my Macbook Pro with a Lenovo U530. I specially ordered it from their website, etc. I turned down the drop protection. I’ve dropped my other laptops multiple times over the years and I’ve never had one break. I ordered a Lenovo because I thought they were supposed to be more sturdy than a lot of other laptops. I use my laptop daily as my regular computer, and I take it to my office and back and all around my house.

My Lenovo lasted three months before I dropped it 12 inches (from the height of the floor of my van). It was inside a backpack surrounded by soft folders and papers at the time. The corners of the screen and bottom pushed inward so that it doesn’t close any more, and the touch screen is ruined. Apparently a laptop with a touchscreen is more delicate. I don’t know. I’ve never had another laptop that would have not been able to take a 12 inch fall onto a corner. My other laptops have all taken falls like that, or worse.

I replaced the laptop with an HP Envy. I like the feel of the HP better. The touchpad is more similar to my old Macbook Pro, which is a plus for me. The corners of the HP seem like they’re built in a way that’s better reinforced.

All the disruption has cost me a lot of time. I had everything backed up, and I was able to disable the touch screen and pull stuff off that way, too, but it was a major pain because of the huge amount of files I have to work with.

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