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From January 2012:

“I think it will be a hurdle to get people to actually submit their material. Yes, the reaction is positive, but actually spending the four hours to get their materials together…that’s the rub. The benefits to attorneys using the site are huge, beyond just some money for publishing  – clients can find attorneys through It’s totally free marketing for attorneys. If I were a client and I saw an attorney who had published something practical on the issue I needed help with, then I would know which attorney I would hire. The same goes for an attorney looking for local counsel in another state. The attorney is not just claiming to be able to do a job – they are showing that they have experience doing that job. However, I have to get attorneys to understand this. I have to communicate the benefits of this. Attorneys don’t generally think out of the box. Taking the well-trodden road is kind of what the law is all about.

I realized that I don’t have enough people to contact to get content. I think I need about 1000 people to contact, but I only have 300 so far. I would like to begin the site with 200 documents. I had thought that perhaps I would get one submission for every three people contacted, but realistically it has been more like one submission for every 100 people contacted. Actually I read that’s really a good number, and a while back one other attorney guessed I’d have to contact 3000 people to get one submission. This tells me that the concept is sound.”

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