It’s Funny How Much a Logo Can Reveal

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From 12/17/2012

“I looked over the first set of logos. Not perfect yet. Nothing stood out to me and I feel indecisive. I hate feeling indecisive. I like a clear course of action, but there is none here. I don’t have the budget to ask a bunch of strangers which they prefer. I could blow more on that than a whole website. Jefe is not helpful. He’s also indecisive. I guess that’s helpful because it tells me none of them are “the one.” I emailed a couple fellow lawyers. Lawyer 1 picks ones that are different than the ones I liked. More indecisive feelings. For the first time I start to feel like this is actually too hard, instead of just being afraid that it is too hard. Then I tell myself that it’s just a logo. I think it through, note some changes, email the web development company. The web development company guy calls me back and we discuss a bit, and he says he’ll get back to me with a few more changes.

After this, I worry that I’m being a problem client. Or annoying. Jefe reassures me that I’m not. I reassure myself that the web development guy thought it would take a week to get a logo, and this has been only a few days, so asking for small changes must be regular business. Therefore, I am not being a problem client.

I’ve found that I’ve had to fight with myself to not be overly accommodating when making decisions about the logo and the website. This process has unveiled this weakness in me, and I will need to strengthen it. I like to be nice and make people happy. I am comfortable with conflict, but not so much with people I am working with.

From 12/19/2012

This is what has happened so far with the logo:

I got the proofs for the second round of logos and they were all good, but needed tweaking. I asked Jefe, Lawyer Friend 1 and another lawyer for their opinions. We were all pretty much in agreement that two of the designs would work better than the others. I asked the design company to make changes, which they did. They presented another page of proofs the third round, which again, none of them were perfect. This time, Jefe, Lawyer Friend 1 and I all disagreed about what would work best. I asked for changes and said that I think it’s close.

I had a really hard time doing this. Asking for changes. I had a really hard time not just accepting whatever was offered and letting someone else pick for me. This felt new for me; I haven’t really been in a position like this, where I’ve had to make a big decision on too little information, and people disagreed with me. Usually I research until I find as many strengths and weaknesses as possible and then make a decision accordingly. This is more “gut” feeling and I do not like that territory.

In the end, I picked the one that I liked best, listened to what others said, and requested some small changes even though I was uncomfortable doing so. I think that the reason I am so uncomfortable asking for the changes is because I don’t have any rational reason upon which to base my need for changes. I wish I could say, “I tested these with 1000 people and none of the logos scored above a 36% positive reaction threshold, therefore they need to be tweaked until they do.” To me, that would be evidence. Instead, it’s just me and a couple of other people disagreeing, and these are feelings, and feelings are not things that I trust.

I’m really happy with the final logo, although I hope we don’t run into any sort of issues with it being similar to another logo that’s already in use. I searched that out fairly well and I think we’re good. It’s a pretty simple logo, but that’s part of why I like it. The colors look really good, too. I did a bunch of extra Google searches to see if I could find anything similar. There are squarish logos, of course, and there are double L logos, of course, but nothing looked too similar to the point where anyone would get my company confused with another one.”

Looking back on it, I think it’s interesting how much I learned about myself just from the simple process of having a logo made.

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