Preparing for Maternity and Family Leave as a Solo Practitioner

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We have been considering trying for a fourth baby. I love children but it’s tough to be barefoot and pregnant with the esquire thing goin’ on. The prospect of maternity leave as a solo attorney terrifies me. Well, kind of. I mean, I “walk by faith” so I believe that God will provide the things that I need to deal with the stuff he sends my way. I’m still half terrified.

When I was working at a Clinic, I didn’t usually have anyone who could do my work, so I basically wound everything down as much as possible before maternity leave. Still, there was someone there to answer the phone and check the mail. I didn’t actually take a real break when I had maternity leave, because I checked email pretty much daily and dealt with whatever was coming up. I’ve learned – the work is not going away. Doing certain parts of the work on time, myself, can prevent future disasters. Even with this, I felt comforted that if there were a big disaster (like a very premature baby), I had co-workers. Also, while I did not have paid maternity leave, I had “vacation pay.” This is a thing that self employed people do not have. No workie, no money.

Considering this prospect as a solo is a whole new thing.

I found a couple of posts from other people who have had to do this, and I thought they were interesting:

This one is from Alison Silber Oh Baby! Preparing for Maternity and Family Leave as a Solo Practitioner . She has good experiential advice about what she did for scheduling, finding backup, returning to work, and for providing herself with “maternity leave pay.”

This one is from  Alexis B. Kaplan Oh Baby x2! Preparing for Maternity and Family Leave as a Solo Practitioner. She goes into a little more detail on how she networked to find backup help.

With, I’m not really worried about maternity leave because the time I put in is so flexible. It’s a lot of work each week, but it’s not like I have scheduled court hearings and adjudications to deal with.

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