The Problem

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This is not a story about a startup by someone with business experience who worked at some giant financial or marketing or sales or whatever business and then pulled some strings or talked with some people at the golf club or cigar club, then went to an “accelerator” startup place and got some investment money and blew wads of it around until they finally self-destructed because the idea wasn’t profitable in the first place but everyone thought they could soak it while the train was moving and then bail out before the crash.


This is a story about me, just an everyday person who wanted something to exist, and so had it built and then slaved over it constantly and had to learn everything from scratch and do all of the startup stuff myself.

First, I always wanted to start a successful business. Doesn’t it sound great? Then I’d sell it for a lot of money. Or maybe my family would hang on to it for generations. The problem was always that I didn’t have any experience running a business, and none of my skills translated well to self-employment.

I went to law school because I figured being a lawyer would be a good business to have of my own. Well, while I really enjoy being a lawyer and helping people (I practice in a humanitarian area), I realize that I’m still trading my time for money…and I practice in a humanitarian area where people really need my help but don’t have a lot of money. Problem is, it’s pretty tough to scrape a really good living that way. Nobody is having an easy time of it in this economy. I’m good at what I do, and I know my niche well, but I have three kids to put through college, and I’d like to pay off my law school loans before I have to do that.

I worked at a legal clinic for five years before moving entirely to private practice. Working at the clinic has given me the chance to see what new attorneys need. I talk to so many people, a lot of new attorneys, and a lot of older attorneys looking to help/volunteer/learn new skills. I “get it” that new attorneys right out of law school do not have access to the information they need. I’ve been on more law listserves than usual because I was in the nonprofit world.

This whole thing with starting the website developed slowly, while I worked at the clinic. I had so many new attorneys who wanted to volunteer, but they needed training, and I never had the training they needed.

Welcome to Barefoot And Pregnant, Esquire
The Solution

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