The Unanswerable Question

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From 12/20/2012

“I’m thinking about the future, about when I’ll need to contact people to publish on LearningLawyer. Obviously I won’t be able to do that until the site is running well, and that may not be for a long time, but I’d like to have a plan for it when the time comes.

Before I signed the contract to have the website made, I met with some other attorneys who I was put in contact with through a non-attorney. Of course I know an attorney who knows these attorneys, because the legal world is so small here. However, I did not know them and they promised to give me honest opinions about the idea.

They were very positive about the idea and said they’d most likely be willing to publish, which I think is really great news. I had asked around 50 lawyers for their opinion on the site, and the only ones who didn’t think it was a great idea were the ones who can’t use a computer very well, and the ones who were in Biglaw. I already knew those wouldn’t be the types of people who would use the site.

I have been making a spreadsheet with all the topics I want to cover, and all the people I want to contact to cover those. I’m not just contacting anyone to publish. I’m only contacting people who are in leadership positions for those particular bar association groups, or who are adjuncts and practicing attorneys teaching that subject at the law school. They are the people who I think are most likely to know their topic, and most likely to have stuff that mostly ready to publish. I figure I’ll have to contact at least three good people for any one topic to be able to get one person to agree to publish.  (Who will use the site is not an absolute certainty. I intend it to be for other lawyers, and nonlawyers won’t really be able to do much with the types of documents I have in mind, anyway. I understand that putting the documents out there for purchase means that anyone can purchase them. However, I’ll have a disclaimer on the site saying that it’s intended for lawyers and those in the legal profession…)

I have a long list of people to contact when the time comes, people I’ve noticed in their areas of practice, etc.

I’m still a worrier.

I’m worried that some people will not want to publish. I’m worried that they’ll hate my idea.

I remember a long time ago Jefe and I were discussing guys asking girls out. Jefe said he didn’t care if the girl said no. If she said no, he’d just ask another one. I feel the same way. If they say no, I’ll ask another one.

What it comes down to is that I’m asking if lawyers will use the site. From my research so far, the answer is yes. I just have to get lawyers to know about the site. This is the big Unanswerable Question, though. I don’t know if lawyers will use the site until I have the site up and running.”

Looking back on this, I don’t think there is much more research that I could have done at this point. Not realistically, anyway. I feel like the best thing to do at this stage was to jump in and give it a go. Yes, it was a risk, but a calculated risk, and one that I was willing to take.

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