Vacation Planning

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Our vacations usually mean that I have planned everything out in detail. Since we went to Disneyworld, I planned everything out in extreme detail. I have multiple spreadsheets. I always plan more than we can do, and “plan” that we’ll do about half of it. To me, it’s better than standing around not knowing what to do.

We always have the dining plan because the character meals are a nice rest for all of us, and it’s better than waiting in line to see characters. Getting table service reservations is some sort of special type of craziness. This was our third trip to Disneyworld so it was much easier this time since we have been through it before. Since I plan everything out in detail, to keep us on schedule I have to get everyone moving in the morning or else we don’t get to the parks until lunch time, which means that by  the time we eat lunch and get all the kids to the potty breaks, the parks are at peak crowd level. This trip, I mostly managed to get us to the parks fairly early, and thanks for the new Fastpass+ my little girls got to see their favorite princesses without much wait. Except Anna and Elsa. There were no Fastpasses for them so I had to get to Epcot before rope drop and sprint for “Norway.” Then Jefe waited in line for over an hour so the girls could see them. Otherwise the wait would have been 3-4 hours to see Anna and Elsa. I love my girls, but we are not waiting in line 3-4 hours for anything.

With Fastpass+, we barely waited at all. It was a big improvement for us over the old Fastpass system, where even with Fastpass we used to wait 15-30 minutes most of the time. I set up Fastpass+ for Belle’s Enchanted Tales twice (this is like the longest wait right now at the Magic Kingdom), and each time we waited only about 5-10 minutes.

My kids were disappointed that we didn’t wait at Dumbo because of the playground they get to play in while they wait. We could have waited and let them play in the playground anyway, but I didn’t tell them that.

We flew this time instead of driving, which meant we used the Disney buses all the time. They were fine since it’s the “value season” and the crowds were very low for Disney, but Disney buses with Sirenita at almost 2…well, she’s still all motor and no brains right now. It was a wrestling match each ride. Finally I wised up and started wrapping her for each bus ride, and then things were great.

Vacation timing
Such a difference in where we are starting from...

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