Very Early Decisions and Research

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From 1/7/2012:

I had a really bad flu over Christmas and ended up having a fever for 9 days. It was over 103 a couple of times. This put me behind schedule.

It’s really difficult to get stuff done when Sirenita is clingy, too. I feel so torn, because she is still so little, but I know I am doing the right thing. It’s my day J-O-B that is occupying a lot of my time and effort. It’s ok, it’s just not “my thing I am obsessing about right now.” I am not ready to leave it, I still love helping my clients.

Delayed Marketing:

I find that I’m thinking heavily about site content, and not so much about how to bring in users. I feel like if the site content is good…I can deal with getting users at that time. I don’t really want users to come and see the site if the content is not there yet, anyway. I read that many places fail because people look at the site too early and then don’t come back later when the site is really ready and has found itself.  I’m trying to get all the “about us” stuff ready…the stuff that we need to approach the lawyers who we want to publish. Of course all that has to be ready and prepared before anything can move.

Early Decisions on Terms of Service, going with pleasing the author:

I’ve been going back and forth over whether to do a publishing contract or a simple terms of service…I’m not sure. I made a list of pros and cons for both. I think the terms of service will be easier. No negotiating contracts with everyone. I know that from my talks with lawyers, many lawyers would want to argue about the contract. It’s not realistic to have separate contracts with each lawyer. Terms of Service that are favorable towards the author/lawyer will make everyone happier.

The good thing is that in all my searching I still have not found anyone who has been able to do this, (this kind of site). LearningLawyer lets lawyers publish their documents and get half the selling cost. This is available technically through a few other ways, but it has never come together and taken off. I think I discovered what some others did really wrong. Well, several things that they did wrong. They do have a contract that says they own the full copyright to whatever is put on their site. To me, they just said they wanted it, and screw the user. My philosophy is that I love the user. I want them to come to my site and use it lots and lots of times and be happy there. Happy people spend more money. Happy people come back. I hope.  This is why I think that going with the favorable Terms of Service doesn’t hurt LearningLawyer’s interests at all.

Truth be told, there have been times over the past few weeks when I have looked at all I have to do and I have wanted to cry. I hated not knowing what to do. Thinking about publishing contracts vs. terms of service…not knowing what to do. I feel like I am operating on too little information. This is a little beyond my risk-comfort zone, but since my risk-comfort zone is pretty small, and I’m trying to extend, that’s ok. It took a lot of thinking and research, but I finally figured out the answer that I think is best for everyone.

I want the entire site to be about giving people what they need and want, as much as possible. Hey, it works for Craigslist. Sometimes having an awesome site is…well…awesome.

The Unanswerable Question
Merry Christmas

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