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From 1/23/2013, the day I got to see the initial website demo:

“I did work for the clinic in the morning, then before noon headed to the website developers to look at the initial demo of the website. The demo looks good. Now I need to send them a list of all the changes to make. I have a lot of flexibility in the design to change what’s featured, add tabs, add choices in dropdown menus, etc. Even with all the work I’ve been doing, they’re outpacing me a bit and I have a lot of work to do.

Having the kids home more with me is good, but it’s also an adjustment because I have to get used to doing stuff at irregular hours. It’s not hard to work with Sirenita around, but Princess is harder. At almost 3 years old, she’s noisier and wants more interaction. After I looked at the website, I picked up the girls and was home in time for us to have lunch and for me to start poking around the demo website and looking through and adding to my “to do” lists. At 1:00 that described my day so far.

The afternoon involves calling private practice clients to discuss their case adjudication tomorrow. Jefe is going to watch the girls while I call the clients from the basement, which is how we usually do it. Jefe takes his lunch from work during that time.

I’m writing all of this while Princess tries to put her Minnie Mouse doll’s tiny shoes on my feet while she sings the song about Zaccheus in the sycamore tree.”

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