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At this point, I actually started keeping a live running diary. It seemed like when I got the website proposal that things were getting much closer to being “real.”

From my notes back in November of 2012:

“I received the website proposal last night and read it over. Of course I read it really carefully. It is a bit over my budget, and it does not include a forum like I had wanted. The web developer company called this morning and said that the forum would cost a lot of extra money to add, and that it would not be a part of the site that would be making me money, so if something had to be cut, then it should be the forum. The web developer company said that lawyers would be able to promote themselves by having some sort of author page that I would make for them based on their submissions.”

“I’m not sure sure what to do. It’s a lot of money for a website that is still going to need a lot of work to get it to the point where I want it to be. I guess I’ll skip the forum for now and see what I can do as far as setting up a free forum somewhere. I feel like the forum is important. I know they work under certain circumstances.”

I remember agonizing over this. This was the first website proposal I had ever seen. Remember, I had contacted numerous web developers and all had told me that they could not take on this job. We never even got to the budget part. My old buddy does websites for governments and HUGE companies, and although they would easily have been able to handle it, we were talking about a budget more in line with…governments and HUGE companies. Not tiny startups operating on funding from a lawyer who has (happily) spent her career doing humanitarian immigration law at a small legal clinic. I loved my job, and I am thankful to know so much about my niche (I got a lot more experience than I would have gotten at a firm), but it’s not exactly paying the big bucks. I was fine with that, but I knew I needed to be very careful with funding.

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