What does it mean to be a nobody?

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From 1/8/2012:

I looked at the founders of many other large websites, and they’re all fancy people who had fancy internet jobs and went to fancy colleges. They are not me. They are not nobody. I am nobody. Writing that makes me feel worse than just thinking it, I can’t allow myself to think or write that way. Yeah, maybe other people have had more experience, or have stood on the heads of some giants and gotten a head start.

But I am not nobody.

I will regret this forever if I don’t try, but even if this totally fails, I am not nobody. Even if I never tried this, I am not nobody. I am just me. I am here for one purpose in this life, and that is to serve God in whichever way He sets before me. I know this as a deep truth, for many reasons in my life. Many things in my life have happened that have led me to this point, and have happened in my life in such a way that the odds of them being coincidences are very small. I am not going to detail all of them here, but as a result of a lifetime full of this, I am open to the way in which I will go. I choose to try. I choose to not take no for an answer. I choose to do all I can to make this successful, and I know that even when this is successful, it is not the success of the company that will make me someone.

I already was someone all along, and the someone that I am is the someone who serves God and works hard on the opportunities I have.

I would feel like a nobody if I lived a selfish, lazy life.

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