DIY Mei Tai Pattern – 10

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  1. Pic 41 – Steam press the strap padding covers, then tuck the padding inside where you folded it over. The padding sits in the middle of the fabric. One end is left open because that gets sewn into the shoulder. Sorry I didn’t take a pic of the padding nestled inside the cover. The cover doesn’t cover it all the way, it just wraps around the three edges, and juts over the fourth edge. Then you will turn it over and sew it onto the shoulder wrap straps (see next step).

    Pic 41 steam press strap padding covers

    Pic 41 steam press strap padding covers

  2. Pic 42 – Place the padding onto the wrap straps. The end of the padding COVER is four inches in. The end of the padding is about 4.5 inches in. The padding is set on in a mirror image for each shoulder wrap strap.

    Pic 42 placement of strap padding

    Pic 42 placement of strap padding

  3. Pic 43, 44 –  the padding and covers pinned and then sewn onto the shoulder wrap straps. I stitched around the edges and did two lines down the center. These are done now.

    Pic 44 padding and covers sewn

    Pic 44 padding and covers sewn

  4. Pic 45 – Time for the hood. Turn the ends of the hood string openings under twice, and stitch them. You want to turn them so that they are facing out when you have the wrong sides of the hood together. Then put the right sides of the hood together and sew all around the sides and the curved bottom. Do NOT sew the flat top of the hood where it will attach to the body. Clip curves and turn right side out. (more on that in the next steps).
    Pic 45 hood, turn ends of openings, stitch, then stitch around all but neck side, wrong sides together

    Pic 45 hood, turn ends of openings, stitch, then stitch around all but neck side, wrong sides together

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  1. Hi! I am working on this step now but confused about getting the padding in the padding covers. Since the cover is only 2×1 bigger than the padding, the cover part doesnt fit all the way around it. Is that how it is supposed to be? What do you mean by where it is folded over? Do I sew anything at all before putting the padding in the padding cover on the wrap strap part? Thanks 🙂

    • The cover for the padding doesn’t wrap all the way around the padding. When you sew it onto the strap, that will be the last side. I didn’t sew it at all before adding the padding to the strap.

      • So the padding doesn’t actually go inside the straps, just gets sewn to the underside of them? Thank you.

        • To do this style of padded to wrap straps, yes. You make a fabric cover that goes over the padding and gets stitched onto the strap. There are many different ways of doing a padded to wrap strap, but I like this style the best, personally, since you can spread the straps or use them folded.

  2. In pic,45 don’t you mean right sides together?

    • Yes, fixed it, thank you.


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