DIY Mei Tai Pattern – 2

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I suggest reading through the entire tutorial and pictures at least twice before doing a Mei Tai. You may want to use a relatively inexpensive fabric to practice this at least once before using an expensive fabric.

Because I wanted to be very precise with the layout of my pattern of my wrap and finished Mei Tai, I cut multiple copies of the pattern pieces if multiple pieces needed to be cut. For instance, I need two pieces of wrap fabric to make the waist, so I cut two pieces of that pattern so that I could lay it out properly.

I feel like this was fairly simple to make, but I have to be honest that the sewing skills here are going to be way too much for someone who has never sewn anything before. Some parts of this were a lot easier for me, because I have an electronic sewing machine and an automatic buttonholer, however, those things are not necessary.

If you are very new to sewing or you do not have the necessary tools, I would omit the padding neck and legs, the inner adjustable system, and the padding on the wrap straps. Try one layer of cotton batting for the waist. This will make it easier for a sewing machine that will not go through thick layers.

You do not technically need an internal panel if you use a woven wrap, and you are not going to do the adjustable system, but many people seem to like the extra support.

There are a lot of ways you could change this around. You can change the hood shape to whatever you’d like, for example. You could make the seat darts deeper – I know that I do not like deep seat darts myself, so I kept them shallow. If you send me your pics of a Mei Tai you made using this pattern, I’ll put them up here so other people can learn from you.

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DIY Mei Tai Pattern
DIY Mei Tai Pattern - 3

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