DIY Mei Tai Pattern – 19

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  1. Pic 86, 87 – Adjusting the Elastic. You can adjust it as small as the fabric will bunch. Pull the elastic through, then button the elastic twice. I have tried to show how I fold it over. I do this with my kid’s pants, too. If you do not want to use buttons and buttonhole elastic, you could use elastic cord and toggles. When the elastic is adjusted, you poke all of it back through the buttonhole, and it doesn’t really show because of the color of the thread I used, and because of the placement of the buttonholes. You could put all the buttonholes on the inside panel so that they would not show at all, but I thought it would be nicer for the baby to not be next to the buttonholes all the time.
    Pic 86, Adjusting the Elastic

    Pic 86, Adjusting the Elastic

    Pic 87 - Adjusting the Elastic 2 - Poked back through the buttonhole

    Pic 87 – Adjusting the Elastic 2 – Poked back through the buttonhole

  2. I used diaper snaps to secure the hood straps up, but I don’t like how it worked, although it is functional. You can sew a couple of small pieces onto the wrap straps – Put the whole thing on and have someone help you mark where you want them, then just sew them on. I will probably change mine over to that way. Or, do it how you’d like.
  3. Done!

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  1. Hello. I just finished making this and I am very happy with it!! My newest baby arrives in May but I put my 2 y.o. in it and worked wonderfully!! I drool over all of the rainbow WCMTs and know that I just will never be able to afford one, so I thought I would make one myself, with a table cloth from Goodwill. It’s not perfect, but I am proud of the job I did and as long as it’s safe for my kids, that is all that matters. For anyone interested, I am not a knowledgeable sewer. I sew rectangular curtains and simple things like that, but if you follow the directions, if I can do it you can too!!

    Thank you for having this tutorial. I look forward to making more!!

  2. Thank you so much for the very detailed instructions with pictures! This will come in very handy when I convert my amitola. I was a bit nervous since I’ve never cut up an expensive wrap!

  3. I was just contemplating making a wcmt! I was wondering if sewing with a woven was any different then sewing with a normal piece of fabric? Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

    • In my experience wovens may ravel more easily than other fabric. I had an easier time sewing the denim mei tai. It was still ok, though.

  4. Hi, Your pattern looks awesome!! Definitely going to try it. Only problem is that on the body pattern there is no inch box for size accuracy. Have it clear as a bell on the hood and waist but not the body.
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial 😀

    • Thanks. Some day I’ll get around to nagging my husband to add another inch box.

  5. Thank you for this fantastic tutorial!!! What a gift! I just finished cutting out my fabric and will send photos when finished. So excited!

  6. thanks so much! very helpful and my mei tai turned out beautiful! ready to make more!

  7. Thank you very much for this tutorial! I just finished my first maitai, using your pattern and tutorial. What a work you have done, it was very helpfull! Do you still want pictures? I can send. 🙂

    • Sure! I realized that I asked for pictures, but I don’t think I ever put a “contact me” email up. I’ve seen people’s completed mei tais through Facebook and, and it’s so fun! I’ll have to figure out how to allow people to submit a pic here.

  8. This looks terrific! I am getting ready to start my own. I am wondering though, what are the dimensions of the final mei tai panel and waist? I have read through your entire pattern twice now, and cannot find them. I know this is toddler size, but specifics would be awesome. I am trying to figure out exactly how much smaller I need to make mine. Thank you!

    • You know…I’ve never measured. When I originally made the pattern I planned it very specifically and it came out the exact size I wanted, but I didn’t save those notes. I’ll have to measure it and update with the finished measurements. I know people have reduced to 90% and have been really happy with that for a smaller size.

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