DIY Mei Tai Pattern – 3

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Supply list:

  1. Sewing Machine that can sew fairly thick fabric if you want to use padding.
  2. A way to make buttonholes, if you want to do the internal adjustable system.
  3. Extra sewing needles, since you will probably be breaking at least a couple.
  4. Fabric – You will need a size 7 woven wrap if you are doing a wrap conversion. You can use a smaller size, but you will need to make at least part of the wrap out of a different fabric.
  5. Fleece or other padding
  6. Washable marker or fabric markers
  7. Rotary cutting tool (I think your results will be much better if you cut this way)
  8. Large self-healing cutting mat
  9. Quilting ruler to guide rotary cutting tool
  10. Decent sewing scissors
  11. Decent thread cutting scissors
  12. Some Fray Stop is probably a good idea.
  13. Quality thread – Gutermann Polyester thread is usually what I use
  14. Buttonhole elastic, if you want to do the internal adjustable system ( used 2 small packs) – OR you could use elastic cord, and toggles on the ends instead of buttons.
  15. Buttons, if you want to do the internal adjustable system. – OR you could use toggles in place of buttons.
  16. Patience, time, and the ability to follow instructions very closely.
  17. The patterns, printed out and assembled, plus the extra pieces cut out that do not have pattern pieces (these are all just rectangles and are explained below separately.
  18. Wax paper – if you put this under your wrap while it is passing through the sewing machine, it may save some pulls on your wrap.
  19. Interfacing for buttonholes


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