DIY Mei Tai Pattern – 4

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These are not printable patterns. However, they are all rectangular, so you can easily measure them out with a ruler on a large piece of paper.

  1. Shoulder Wrap Straps (sturdy fabric to match your body) – You will need to decide how long you want your wrap straps to be. I used 85” for each, and cut halfway down the length of the wrap. I cut them so that they would be more even in length, but they are not perfectly even because I wanted to preserve as much wrap as possible. These could be shorter if you are short on wrap fabric, depending on your size. 85” is plenty long for me. I did not actually cut out giant rectangles of paper to make  pattern for these – I just measured the fabric and cut (pics ahead).
  2. Hood Straps (fabric to match your body) – Cut a rectangle 2” by 22.5”. I cut 2 pieces to make 2 hood straps. If you want four hood straps, then you will need to cut 4.
  3. Waist Wrap Straps (fabric to match your body) – Cut 30” long by ½ the width of the wrap. Mine are not exactly the same length since I wanted to preserve as much wrap as possible. These could be shorter if you are a little short on wrap fabric – this is plenty of length for me.
  4. Strap Padding COVER for padded to wrap straps (fabric to match your body) – Cut a rectangle 5” by 16”. Cut 2 pieces.
  5. Strap padding (polar fleece or other padding) – Cut a 3”x15” rectangle. Cut 6. (Or, you could cut  2 9×15 rectangles and then fold the polar fleece down to 3×15.) Some people may want to add more strap padding. This is enough for me.

You will need to cut three pieces of elastic casing if you want the mei tai to be internally adjustable. I recommend using a thin fabric that does not ravel, if possible. Trace the elastic casing marked on the body pattern, then add however much you need to turn under. If you are using a fabric that does not ravel, such as a thin fleece, then you will not need to turn under. If your fabric ravels then you will need to turn under, so add something like 5/8ths of an inch on either side. Remember that the bottom elastic casing will eventually end up much shorter than what is shown on the body pattern. I cut it bigger than I thought I would need and just trimmed down to fit.


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  1. Hi! I’m so looking forward to making a this. I don’t have a wrap for a wrap conversion but instead plan on doing normal straps. How many yards of the body fabric do you think I’ll need? I’m doing 75 inch straps. I’m thinking three yards would be sufficient. How much did you use for your stretch denim version?

    • My advice is to print out the pattern and take it to the fabric store. Lay the pattern out on the fabric, being sure to allow for those pieces that must be cut twice, and allowing for the direction of the pattern if there is any. Then buy that much fabric.

  2. I am cutting out the pieces to make this today!! I love your pattern and all the pictures. (This is m first real project other than blanket squares and pillow cases! ) I am not making it with a wrap, I have purchased material. My question for you is how wide should I cut the straps? I know 80-85 inches long but how wide? Since I don’t know the width of a wrap I can’t copy your pictures for this part 🙁 please let me know, I’m so excited

    • It varies. Woven wraps are usually 24-30 inches wide, so if you plan to make your straps about 14″ wide after hemming, that would be comparable. Remember you’ll fold the edge over twice and stitch in place to finish the raw edge, so when you cut you need to allow for however wide you are making your hems. You could do a half inch hem on each side, which would add two inches to the total cutting width, meaning that you would cut each strap 16″ wide, and you’d lose an inch on each side if you hemmed to half inch hems on each side, and you’d end up with a finished piece that’s 14″ wide.

      • Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly ! I’m so excited. Will send you pics as soon as I’m done, I’m sure I will need help before then though 🙂

  3. I am not using a wrap to make mine so what length should the waist straps be if i’m using a ring? Also that is the width of the shoulder straps?

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

    • I have never done a ring waist. Average woven wraps are about 27 inches wide, or so.

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